Sarah's Birthday!
1 Year!
Family Photos
Ricketts Glen 2005
6 - 12 months
Birth - 6 months
Baby Sarah
Hockey 2005
Cats:Scout & Lucky
Jay & Kerry's Wedding

Big Brother feeds the "Little Chicken Hawk" (3.5 months)

Dakota and Malachi, March 2005.

Dakota and Sarah (11 weeks old)

My room!

Dakota at 10 years old

James and Dakota, Janurary 2005

Dakota and Cheeta in airport December 2004, traveling to Michigan.

Jay and Dakota in Michigan, Christmas 2004.

December 2004, Mr Charming!

August 2004

My favorite thing to do is to create LEGO space ships.�

One day I would like to introduce all three of my cats to each other.

I have been asking my Mom for a little sister for 7 years now and I am finally going to get one. If all things go well, she will be here in mid to late November.  I can hardly wait to read her books. One thing I will do is give her raspberries in person instead of having to give them to her through Mommy's tummy.

My favorite camp is Camp Trish.  I stayed there for one week this summer, playing with one of my best friends, James.

I am now a world traveler.  This summer I make a trip to Geneva, France and Germany.

4 Days Old!

Up Close!

James and Dakota

Dakota and Lucky

James, Dakota and Larry- 9th Star Wars Birthday Party